Word and Deed

Word and Deed’s mission is to improve the lives of needy people in the developing world both materially and spiritually in obedience to Christ’s command to love our neighbour as our self. Its strategy is: to communicate the predicament of the suffering in the developing world to the people of North America such that they are given the opportunity to offer support in proportion to the Lord’s convicting power; and to partner with Christian Organizations in the developing world on a wide variety of projects including child sponsorship, Christian Education, orphan care, disaster relief and vocational training, while providing reliable monitoring and timely updates to all supporters. Word and Deed’s tactics: to offer help to the needy of the developing world, irrespective of race or religion, in the name of Jesus Christ; a careful use of field trips, interviews, correspondence, and application procedures to ensure that potential partners (churches and missions) and projects make responsible use of the funds provided and are motivated by a love for God and their neighbour; timely updates in the form of presentations, quarterly magazines, church bulletins, emails and website articles in order to raise awareness of the plight of the needy; consistent monitoring and supervision of ongoing projects; an insistence on the Gospel being central to each ordinary project; and a focus on empowering each needy person to eventually provide for themselves in recognition of the dignity they have as God’s image bearers, having been made both to work and to worship.

Website:  https://wordanddeed.org/